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Question by Mani Cheng from the Noun Project What is Collagen Complex?

Collagen Complex is a supplement containing high quality hydrolyzed collagen peptides designed to support skin, bones and joints.

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your body, and it's a major part of your tendons, skin, bones, teeth, muscles and ligaments. Collagen gives your skin strength and resilience. It helps the cartilage in your joints remain supple. It provides structure to your arteries, keeping them strong and flexible. It gives your bones structure, too, by acting as 'reinforcing rods'. Collagen is an amazing construction material.

testimonial by BomSymbols from the Noun Project Collagen Complex Testimonials

Quote Mark Very thankful to my friend who put me on to this, I have taken almost an entire bottle and I am overjoyed at the difference it has made in my face, it's clearly smoother. (Janet)

Quote Mark I've been taking collagen supplements for years and I only recently realized I've been paying too much. Your collagen is high quality but without the designer price. (Dominique)

Quote Mark My skin is thinning because I'm getting older. But I have noticed a difference since taking Collagen Complex. Very happy lady. (Natalia)

herbal by Nociconist from the Noun Project Active Ingredient

Collagen Complex 1500mg (from type B gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen types I & III)(bovine).

Refund by Ikipoh from the Noun Project Returns & Refunds

Vita Balance Inc offer a 7 day cooling off period. The goods can be returned unopened if you advise of a change of mind within that timeframe.

buy by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project Can I Buy Collagen Complex Online?

Yes! It is available to purchase and is shipped within 24 hours from their US warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. You can purchase this product from